We are experienced, and have expert knowledge in all aspects of padel courts.

How we do courts

With extensive court-building expertise, we’re dedicated to globalizing the world of padel. Our streamlined process guarantees a smooth project experience for padel enthusiasts. With diverse project experience, we are used to make courts for padel but where design, players, and environment differ.

The process all begins with a conversation to identify your goals and challenges for your padel court project. We then present a customized visual proposal tailored to your padel court needs. Once approved, our specialized team ensures your padel court exceeds expectations.


We have built over 350 courts house of padel

All projects - in all ways

Our padel courts are fully customizable to fit your needs, offering flexibility in design and specifications. You can select various details that align with your preferences and business requirements, including surface color, size adjustments, and more.

Whether it’s a specific surface color or a slight size adjustment you desire, we’re here to make it happen – and the best part is, all modifications come at no extra cost!

We’re experts in dismantling and delivering both refurbished and new padel courts worldwide, offering you a wide range of options and convenient logistics.

With our extensive experience, we have the expertise to bring your padel court vision to life, ensuring it meets your specific requirements and standards.

Refurbished Courts
by Acenta Group

We’re proud to offer a selection of refurbished courts carefully chosen by our experienced team.

These courts have beendismantled and meticulously refurbished to ensure top quality and playing experience.

We now offer refurbished courts in three packages: Basic, Pro, and Premium, all tailored to meet your specific needs.

We provide fast and efficient deliveries worldwide, and can arrange storage for the courts if they are not needed immediately. On assembly our dedicated team of installers, who have built over 350 courts worldwide in recent years are at your disposal.


Our packages

The cheapest way to get a padel court!
With our ”basic” package, you get all you need to get started, without any extras or luxury. A well-refurbished court at a great price, as simple as that!

Price starting at 8.000€
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All you need for a quality, long-lasting, and safe court. Fully refurbished with a brand-new surface/grass and a complete update in accessories.

Perhaps the easiest way to get a court that feels like new and is ready for hours and hours of play!

Price starting at 13.500€
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The full package! With the Premium option, you get everything you desire from a refurbished court, including the necessary products to get it up and running, such as rental rackets and balls.

The court is a Panoramic and refurbished option where our team has meticulously inspected every inch, ensuring the absolute best quality and durability.

Price starting at 17.500€
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Service & Support

Whether you bought your padel court from us or another source, we’re here to help maintain its quality and safety for the long haul. Service is our priority, and our years of experience have taught us how to ensure your padel court’s longevity.

Our comprehensive service package covers all court components, from glass to sand grains. We conduct inspections to guarantee a top-notch, secure, and high-quality court. 

Choosing us as your service partner means you’ll have a dependable, seasoned expert in the field who knows what it takes for the job.

Acenta Service Package

Our service-package is a great way to ensure your courts and centre maintains top quality. We recommend to do a service each year. All our services are made by our experienced staff and ensures a high standard.

Our service-package includes:

  • Safety control and check-up on all glasses
  • All skrews are adjusted and controlled
  • Refill of sand
  • Checking up on accessories

Get the Padelguide!

10 tips on your way to the perfect padelcourt. 

A complete guide with tips, tricks and things to think about when youre about to build a padelcourt. Submit your info and we will send it to you – for free!


PDL Center Ski, Norway

The biggest padel-facility in Norway with 18 courts
and all you need in amenities and technology

Bintan, Indonesia

New courts delivered and installed in Bintan, Indonesia. 

Padel X Hamar, Norway

Grass is being installed at new courts in Padel X Hamar

Padel Samui, Thailand

New court delivered and installed at Padel Samui, Koh Samui, Thailand

Karmøy Padel, Norway

Here are the new courts at Karmøy Padel. To complete the installation, 2 tons of sand is being spread over each court.

Padel 54° North, Northern Ireland

New centre in Moira, Northern Ireland. Delivery and installation of all courts.

Courts & material


With a size of about 200 sq m a padelcourt is much more effective in size than a tenniscourt. In the area of one tennis court, three padelcourts can be placed. The courts are 10 m wide and 20 m long with 4 glass walls surrounding the court. For indoor play, there is a minimum hight to ceiling of 6 m. 


Even though glasses has no guarantee, it still needs to be certified and processed through a lab. We use a well known supplier for all our glasses, with great quality.


We use 2 or 3 millimeter frames, depending on model. In all cases we use 4 millimeter steel.


We use HQ sendzimir galvanized steel in all our courts. And to prevent the risk of rust we weld every corners instead of using screws.


By using us as your court supplier, we will stand by your side for the whole process. We make sure that delivery, construction and installation goes as planned.


We offer express-services for repairing of glass, and we have a warehose of spares to make any service or repair effective. Our team will come to help you as soon as possible and will continuously follow up on your court.

Contact our experts

Are you starting a new project for padel courts? Or do you have courts today that need service? No matter where your project is currently – we can help! Contact our experts for any questions and thoughts.