Acenta acquires Peliga, strengthening its position as the complete supplier of padel equipment!

This move solidifies Acenta’s role as the go-to partner in padel. With this acquisition, Acenta takes further steps in growth and is now poised to provide an even wider range of high-quality padel equipment, meeting the needs of padel enthusiasts everywhere.

For years, Peliga has been a reliable presence in the padel scene, renowned for its top-quality balls. When combined with Acenta’s diverse range of brands, it 

seamlessly integrates into the broader portfolio.

Håkan Tollefsen, CEO Acenta Group:

We’re excited to play a bigger role in Peliga’s development. It’s a great product we’ve admired for a while, and we’re eager to introduce it globally across all our markets and business areas. This acquisition is a step in the right direction for Acenta Group, aligning with our goal to promote the sport we love on a global scale. Having Peliga with us on this journey feels fantastic.

Peliga is also pleased with the new deal:

The acquisition by Acenta marks a pivotal chapter in Peliga’s journey. Our partnership with Acenta has been marked by mutual respect and shared goals over the past years, culminating in this strategic decision. Acenta’s impressive standing in the padel market makes them the ideal custodian of Peliga’s legacy.While we may be assisting in a few months, we are confident that Acenta’s dynamic approach and market position will usher in a new era of innovation and excellence for Peliga, continuing to serve the padel community with the passion and quality they expect, says Oskar Lind, CEO and co-founder of Peliga.

The acquisition is completed directly, and as of today, Acenta officially takes over Peliga.


Junge & Co. and Acenta Group Unite: Elevating Padel Enthusiasm Globally

Junge & Co. is thrilled to announce a dynamic partnership with Acenta Group, the creative minds behind Acenta House of Padel and the Acenta Padel Tour. This collaboration signifies a fusion of craftsmanship and padel passion, creating waves in the sporting and lifestyle spheres.

Global Reach

Acenta Group’s love for padel transcends borders, spanning Scandinavia, Europe, Asia, and the US. Their expansive mindset showcases a commitment to making padel a global phenomenon, echoing Junge & Co.’s dedication to reaching watch enthusiasts worldwide.

The Acenta Padel Tour

Central to this partnership is the Acenta Padel Tour, an electrifying competition that brings together some of the best padel talents. This tour is not merely about competition; it’s a celebration of the sport and an invitation for the global padel community to unite, learn, and grow.

Junge & Co. – Crafting Excellence

At Junge & Co., where watchmaking magic meets Norwegian flair, we are excited to align with Acenta Group’s vision. Our commitment to integrity, originality, and customer trust resonates seamlessly with Acenta Group’s values. Together, we aim to elevate the padel experience globally and redefine the boundaries of passion, sportsmanship, and innovation.

Join Us on the Journey
As we embark on this thrilling journey with Acenta Group, we invite our valued clients and enthusiasts to be a part of the excitement. Stay tuned for exclusive events, promotions, and experiences that fuse the artistry of watchmaking with the exhilaration of padel.


The collaboration between Junge & Co. and Acenta Group marks a turning point in the worlds of padel and watchmaking. Together, we aim to create a harmonious blend of passion, craftsmanship, and community spirit. Join us as we celebrate the spirit of padel, uniting enthusiasts and creating unforgettable moments on and off the court.

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Great days with StarVie 2024 at WPT Malmö

At the latest WPT Tournament, The Swedish Padel Open in Malmö, Acenta was a part of the exhibition showcasing the latest 2024 collection from StarVie. A great week with a lot of good talk and meetings with the padel community, some great padel and good interest for the new collection form StarVie.

We are happy to once again be a part of such a great event, and to meet all of the lovely people of padel! See you next year!


Acenta gathers the best field in Norwegian padel history!

Acenta Padel Tour gathers the best field in Norwegian padel history!

Our own Acenta Padel Tour have, during several qualifying events throughout Norway, has brought together the country’s top padel players. However, for the final competition in Oslo, they will be joined by some highly accomplished participants.

Cayetano Rocafort, maybe the best player in the Nordics, will team up with Rikard Rååd to form a formidable duo. Add to that the crowd favorite Hami Golestan, Norway’s top pair in Faustino Arino and Michael Geraghty, or the recently crowned NPT champion Sander Gravfort. It’s a field that Norway’s padel scene has never seen before.

On the women’s side, the Swedish top pair Alla Berham and Sofia Björk are among the favorites, along with Norway’s best pair, Emma Karlsrud and Hannah Lehfeldt.

We are happy and proud that our goal to spread and grow the sport we love are starting to happen! We look forward to see you all in the hall.


Håkan Tollefsen steps into the role as new CEO!

Today, on September 1st, Håkan Tollefsen takes over as the new CEO of Acenta. Håkan brings with him an extreme love and passion for the sport as well as experience from playing with and met various people in this industry for almost 14 years.Today, he is a successful entrepreneur and has been a long-standing board member and co-owner of Acenta.

”I am proud and delighted to have the opportunity to build and establish Acenta as a prominent player in the world of padel. Having played the sport for a considerable time and harboring a profound love for it, I am immensely grateful for this chance. I have been following Acenta’s journey as an investor and later as a board member, and I am truly impressed and proud of the team, as well as all the individuals and partners involved, both nationally and internationally. For me, the focus now is on expanding Acenta across six different verticals and unlocking the full potential of each employee and the exciting opportunities that lie ahead for us as a collective. The market potential is vast, and we have only scratched the surface in the world of this sport”  Says Håkan himself

Acenta are thrilled to have Håkan on board and look forward to 

developing Acenta into the ultimate partner within the sport of Padel.


Acenta Courts 2023

We are expanding the courts deparment and are now delivering all over the world with a very good growth in the Asian market. As a part of our expansion, we have made a new folder with att the information you need before you start your project! Check it out here and if you have any questions – just reach out!


Acenta and Peliga in new partnership!

In a new collaboration, Acenta will distribute Peliga padel balls to its network across Europe. The Peliga ball is arguably the best on the market right now and has been developed in collaboration with elite players in Sweden to create a ball that meets the toughest demands.

Peligas CEO, Oskar Lind, on the partnership: ”Peliga has chosen Acenta as a partner due to their extensive and well-established distribution network in the padel industry. Over time, Acenta has built a strong presence in the market with a wide product portfolio that meets the needs and preferences of customers. Therefore, we are very excited that Acenta is adding the Peliga ball to their range. We look forward to further strengthening our collaboration to provide high-quality padel products to padel enthusiasts across Europe.”

For Acenta, this represents another step towards becoming the leading supplier in the padel industry. Including Peliga expands the portfolio of brands and products that we can now offer to all our customers. ”Acenta is proud to be chosen by Peliga as the distributor of perhaps the industry’s best padel ball. Additionally, being granted distribution rights for all countries makes this one of our most important partners in the years to come. We have already begun the sales efforts in Norway, Sweden, and Finland, and the reception of the product is very promising!” says Carsten Johansen, CEO of Acenta Norway.