Acenta acquires Peliga, strengthening its position as the complete supplier of padel equipment!

This move solidifies Acenta’s role as the go-to partner in padel. With this acquisition, Acenta takes further steps in growth and is now poised to provide an even wider range of high-quality padel equipment, meeting the needs of padel enthusiasts everywhere.

For years, Peliga has been a reliable presence in the padel scene, renowned for its top-quality balls. When combined with Acenta’s diverse range of brands, it 

seamlessly integrates into the broader portfolio.

Håkan Tollefsen, CEO Acenta Group:

We’re excited to play a bigger role in Peliga’s development. It’s a great product we’ve admired for a while, and we’re eager to introduce it globally across all our markets and business areas. This acquisition is a step in the right direction for Acenta Group, aligning with our goal to promote the sport we love on a global scale. Having Peliga with us on this journey feels fantastic.

Peliga is also pleased with the new deal:

The acquisition by Acenta marks a pivotal chapter in Peliga’s journey. Our partnership with Acenta has been marked by mutual respect and shared goals over the past years, culminating in this strategic decision. Acenta’s impressive standing in the padel market makes them the ideal custodian of Peliga’s legacy.While we may be assisting in a few months, we are confident that Acenta’s dynamic approach and market position will usher in a new era of innovation and excellence for Peliga, continuing to serve the padel community with the passion and quality they expect, says Oskar Lind, CEO and co-founder of Peliga.

The acquisition is completed directly, and as of today, Acenta officially takes over Peliga.