Håkan Tollefsen steps into the role as new CEO!

Today, on September 1st, Håkan Tollefsen takes over as the new CEO of Acenta. Håkan brings with him an extreme love and passion for the sport as well as experience from playing with and met various people in this industry for almost 14 years.Today, he is a successful entrepreneur and has been a long-standing board member and co-owner of Acenta.

”I am proud and delighted to have the opportunity to build and establish Acenta as a prominent player in the world of padel. Having played the sport for a considerable time and harboring a profound love for it, I am immensely grateful for this chance. I have been following Acenta’s journey as an investor and later as a board member, and I am truly impressed and proud of the team, as well as all the individuals and partners involved, both nationally and internationally. For me, the focus now is on expanding Acenta across six different verticals and unlocking the full potential of each employee and the exciting opportunities that lie ahead for us as a collective. The market potential is vast, and we have only scratched the surface in the world of this sport”  Says Håkan himself

Acenta are thrilled to have Håkan on board and look forward to 

developing Acenta into the ultimate partner within the sport of Padel.