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We want to spread and develop the sport we’ve fallen in love with, and make it grow globally. Our goals are bold, we want to work with all aspects of the sport, all over the world.

The only partner you need

Courts has been in our DNA since the start. With years of experience and ambition to grow we are now making projects all over the world. 

We are proud to bring some of the best brands of the business to market. Today we have StarVie, Royal Padel, Sergio Tacchini and Bidi Badu to say a few.

We are beyond proud over our team. Today Team Acenta is one of the largest communities in padel, with members from all over the world playing on the absolute top.

Acenta Padel Tour is now one of the biggest tournaments in Norway, and for the finale players from all over Scandinavia is attending! With strong partnerships and our determination we see it grow into more countries in coming years.

The app for Acenta Padel Tour is a new and innovative service for all competitions and tournaments. Making schedule, ranking and results easy for everyone. 

Sport of Padel is the destination for all padel players and enthusiasts. We provide all you need to be the best and mot stylish player on court – for every game!

Bringing visions to life.
Make your dream project come true.

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